Video Based Platform

MyChehara is a video based recruitment platform that connects recruiters with job seekers seamlessly through a mobile app.

As opposed to text-based resumes, which all tend to look and sound the same, a video resume can easily help companies shortlist suitable candidates for their specific requirements.

MyChehara is particularly helpful while hiring candidates in remote locations by empowering candidates to shoot & upload their resumes from a mobile app even on slow 2G connections.

MyChehara can help HR departments optimize their hiring funnel resulting in significant savings of time, money and efforts.


Features of MyChehara

Get video resumes globally through a UNIQUE URL

MyChehara allows companies not only to post a job requirement but also provides them with a Unique URL that can be shared across social media sites, recruitment portals and direct mails, both online and on mobiles.

Interested candidates can record & submit their video resumes using that UNIQUE URL.

Shortlist candidates by viewing their VIDEO RESUMES

MyChehara's 'Search Resume' feature allows companies to quickly search through the video resume repository for candidates matching specific job requirements.

Companies can then view the video resumes of identified candidates and shortlist them for further interview rounds.

Schedule Async video interviews

MyChehara's 'Scheduler' feature helps HR departments conduct multiple candidate interviews at the same time through pre-recorded interview questions.

'Scheduler' generates interview codes, which are used by short-listed candidates for recording their async video interview and sending it to companies through the MyChehara mobile app.

HR personnel can now sift through these video interviews at their own convenient time without the hassle of managing multiple interview schedules.

Create co-panelists for distributing your workload

HR departments in large companies and with significant hiring requirements can easily distribute their workload through MyChehara's 'Co-Panelist' feature.

'Co-Panelist' allows the creation of multiple logins for quickly viewing & short-listing large number of video resumes.

How it Works

Video Walk-Through

How to create a job?


How to create a panelist?


How to generate interview code?


How to allocate a panelist?


How to panelist review the candidate?


How to publish the result?


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, Registration & Login
  • I have not seen information about pricing and registration. Where can I?
  • Feel free to write to us about your requirement and we will contact you within 24 hours and discuss all details.
Creation of Jobs, Sharing it, Creation of Interview Codes
  • How can I create a Job and share it across the globe?
  • In admin area, you will find Job Manager and it allows the administrator to add, edit and publish the jobs. To share the job across the globe, MyChehara provides an Unique URL which will be found in the dashboard. Copy and paste it anywhere to share.
  • What happens when one job-seeker click the Unique URL?
  • After successful sharing, job-seekers are bound to click the corresponding job’s Unique URL. The landing page will be MyChehara job-seeker’s page to download MyChehara app. In this case, MyChehara remembers that the job-seeker comes to MyChehara app through your job posting and so the app will display this job at the job-seeker’s mobile app dashboard page.
  • How can I create Interview Code for an applicant and inform them to attend the interview?
  • In the admin dashboard, when you click any of the job in the list, it will redirect to a list of applicants who were applied for that job. When you click the round’s name on right top corner just above the list, it will enable check boxes against all applicants. The admin can choose the applicants and click Generate Code button. All the interview codes will be sent to corresponding applicants and they will be able to view the same in their mobile app.
Creation of Panelist, Allocation of Reviews
  • Who is a panelist?
  • When you are receiving multiple hundreds of video interviews, one can’t do the job alone. There has to be sub-ordinates for reviewing. MyChehara allows the administrators can have multiple panelists and share the work-load of video reviewing. Each panelist will have their own login credentials which were created by administrator while creating the record.
  • How can I create a panelist?
  • In admin area, you will find Job Manager (Panelist option) and it allows the administrator to add, edit and remove the panelists. An automatic email will be sent to corresponding panelist email id along with their login credentials
  • Is there a limit in creating number of panelists?
  • At the moment, its not. But with forthcoming subscription policies, it may change. Keep looking for this space for the information
  • How can I allocate video interview reviews to a particular panelist?
  • In admin area, you will find Review Allocation and it allows the administrator to assign video interviews to particular panelist.
Reviews by A Panelist
  • After the review by panelist, as an admin, where will I find that review and make a decision on selection?
  • 1. In the admin dashboard, when you click any of the job in the list, it will redirect to a list of applicants who were applied for that job. If the status of the particular interview is as REVIEWED then you can click on that see the panelist’s review. The admin can make a decision on selection on this page itself.
Types of Video Interviews
  • How many types of video interviews are supported at MyChehara?
  • There are 2 types of interviews are supported. The first one is Asynchronous Video Interview and 2nd one is F2F (Face-to-Face) Video Interview.
  • Explain Asynchronous Interview
  • The asynchronous video interview is a new form of interview in which the applicants are guided through a structured interview process, which they will do on their own. In the interview, the applicant answer (text-based) questions in front of mobile camera. “Asynchronous” means that you do not do the interview at the same time as the interviewer. The interviewer is not online at the same time as the applicant, but instead they do the interview independently, at a time and place of applicant’s choosing.
  • Can I provide extra time to Asynchronous Interview for each questions?
  • Yes. The administrator can set the flag for extra time at the time of job creation.